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A human kiss can be delivered long-distance by a humanoid go-between if it doesnt decide to blow you to pieces first. Those are just some of the innovations in robotics showcased at a festival in Sheffield this week From techno-sheepdogs to android bedfellows, the promise of robotics and the lure of artificial intelligence appears to know no bounds. But will we ever be able to have a proper ...

Robots Live! will be drawing menacing and marvellous machines from all over Europe to Stevenage’s Gordon Craig Theatre this weekend.

Australian-developed technology from Opengear is enabling remote maintenance of hospital robots that are crucial to the recovery of stroke patients.

( Harvard University ) Engineers at Harvard's School for Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have developed the world's first untethered soft robot -- and demonstrated that the quadruped, which can literally stand up and walk away from its designers, can walk through snow, fire and even be run over by a car. The hope is that such robots ...

"Robo Brain" will help any robot teach itself anything, scientists say.

South Korea wants its robotics industry to surpass those in Europe, Japan, and the U.S.

A recent New York Times article warned of the future dangers robots could pose to the humans who work alongside them. The article cited the 33 deaths robots caused in the industrial setting over the past 30 years. While any death is unfortunate, let’s put that number into perspective. In the U.S. alone, there are 80 deaths […]

Can a robot learn right from wrong? Attempts to imbue robots, self-driving cars and military machines with a sense of ethics reveal just how hard this is

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is celebrating the intersection of engineering and art with a Maker Faire this weekend.

Robots built to traverse the rugged terrain of Mars battled it out in Poland on Friday in a competition to find the best way to explore the Red Planet. The European Rover Challenge 2014 has drawn competitors from as far as Colombia, Egypt and India, keen to prove their machines have what it takes to conquer the giant mountains and unforgiving canyons of Earth's neighbour. The automated vehicles ...