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The robots are coming. Of course, you knew that.  There is a fair amount of news recently about how robots can help healthcare workers with the Ebola virus, as well as with numerous other industries from manufacturing to the military. The BBC reported on social robots this week online and in a special conference (Oct 21) called BBC Future: World Changing Ideas Summit.

PLEASANTON, Calif. -- Adept Technology, Inc. , a leading provider of intelligent robots, autonomous mobile robot solutions, and services, today announced that it will showcase its "Lynx" mobile ...

Industrial robots are already working in many factories around the world and in our homes, for instance as smart vacuum cleaners. Scientists say in a few years we will start seeing so-called "social robots," capable of engaging with people. Today’s robots can build cars and explore underwater objects. But interacting with people is more complex than simply taking an incoming message, says ...

Two robots are helping hundreds of school students in rural and regional Australia learn about the Murray-Darling Basin and the country's water supplies.

The White House will co-host a November workshop exploring the use of robots to help minimize human contact with the fast-spreading virus.

Robots aren't ready to help fight ebola right now, but within a few months, they might be

Space robots are about to get a whole lot sleeker and slinkier. Researchers are developing new types of robotic systems inspired by elephant trunks, octopus arms and giraffe tongues. These flexible, maneuverable "tentacle robots" could have a variety of space applications, from inspecting hard-to-reach gear on the International Space Station to exploring crevices on Mars, scientists say. "Those ...

Medical facilities around the globe are using state-of-the art technology to disinfect areas that have been exposed to Ebola.

Performing this mundane task may not sound all that difficult to humans, but getting a robot to maneuver an object into a small port is a big deal, said researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Northeastern University in Boston. Edward Adelson, a professor of vision science at MIT, first conceived of GelSight in 2009.  

One snake's ability to shimmy up slippery sand dunes could inspire new technologies for robots that could perform search and rescue missions, carry out inspections of hazardous wastes and even explore ancient pyramids. Choset, who has been developing limbless robots for years, already developed a snakelike bot that performs well both in the lab and in real-life situations.